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2018 Community Connect Challenge

Hi Faces in Between Friends!

As you know, its getting colder and the days are getting shorter here in NYC!

So we decided to have some fun and we came up with a challenge! We invite YOU to join us in completing the challenge. The challenge will last 7 weeks leading up to the new year and each week will involve a different task!

60,000 of our neighbors in NYC are preparing for another brutal winter on the streets. SO THATS WHERE YOU COME IN! Lets start acting like neighbors and spread some kindness!

If we each do ONE SMALL act a week, together we will create ONE HUGE impact!

We kicked off week 1 with a task of giving a homeless neighbor a sandwich!

We are proud of all of those who participated so far and are excited about all the others who said they would participate later in the week!

Next week the task will be in the Thanksgiving spirit and we are encouraging participants to give out non-perishable food items like canned soup (with pull off lids) Peanut Butter, Protein Bars etc

We are very excited for the 3rd week because it is the week of SOCKS!

We are collaborating with Knock Knock Give and Sock and we will be encouraging participants to give out socks to our homeless friends!

The additional 4 weeks will remain a surprise for now!

Remember, its important to look someone in the eyes, ask them how they are doing and have a genuine connection- it can change someones day!

We can’t wait to make an impact with you!

Warm Wishes,

The Faces in Between Team

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President of Faces in Between. I am a person who believes in the power of love, community and action. Much of our organization’s success depends on these three things…we rely on the love and passion of our volunteers as well as our partners to come together as a strong force to address the issues, understand the needs and improve the lives of those around us. A little bit goes a long way and all it takes is collective compassion that is put into action to make a change.

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