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Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving looks different for everyone but gratitude is a common theme during this time of the year. What are you grateful for? It is so easy to feel grateful when everything is going your way and the cards are in your favor but what happens when times get tough? We can’t forget that there is always something to be grateful for, even if its the hot cup of tea to start off your day. In the past few weeks with the weather getting colder day by day, I have not been able to stop thinking about all of my homeless neighbors who aren’t guaranteed a hot cup of tea, a warm jacket or a place to sleep. They just have to hope that someone will see them, and I don’t mean physically see them, but I mean actually acknowledge their existence and connect with them and provide them with some warmth to help them get through the day.  While I totally encourage all of you to stop and buy someone a cup of tea or a meal – it cant stop there. The tea gets cold, the meal gets finished and the chills & hunger return. We need to do more. Im not saying that these actions aren’t great- because they are. But it’s just not enough.

I urge you to STOP AND CONNECT! As we spend the holidays reflecting on the many thing that we are grateful for, its important to think about others and what we can do to share the gratitude. The holidays can be an especially lonely time for anyone who is in need of a little extra connection, so think about how lonely it is for those who don’t have a home to decorate, a heater to rely on, or family to laugh with. You can be the warmth in someones day by extending a hand and showing people that they are not alone. Use the tea as a conversation starter. Ask someone their name. Show them that who they are as a person matters to you. You have the power to bring humanity back into the picture. You have the power to change someones day. You have the power – SO USE IT!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



The Faces in Between Team




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President of Faces in Between. I am a person who believes in the power of love, community and action. Much of our organization’s success depends on these three things…we rely on the love and passion of our volunteers as well as our partners to come together as a strong force to address the issues, understand the needs and improve the lives of those around us. A little bit goes a long way and all it takes is collective compassion that is put into action to make a change.

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