//Valentines Day: Love the Stranger

Valentines Day: Love the Stranger

It’s Valentines Day and for many people, Valentines Day involves SPENDING MONEY! For some it means buying something special for their partner and for others it means spoiling themselves with special gifts.

Americans are estimated to spend $20.7 billion this valentines day on jewelry, chocolates, cards and fancy dinners.

According to a 2018 survey, consumers will be spending on average $236 on themselves this valentines day. Another 2019 survey found that younger millennials and GenXers are expecting to average over $260 per person this valentines day.

What if we stopped to think about all of this for a second? We are not saying you shouldn’t treat yourself or your partner to something special.

But..and theres a big BUT…if you’re going to celebrate love and get into the holiday spirit, we encourage you to spread that love. Spread it to someone who needs it. Spread the love to a neighbor who doesn’t have any love to celebrate…often-times not even self-love.

Experiencing homelessness can be one of the loneliest things on earth. Today, as we celebrate love…let’s take it upon ourselves to spread the love to everyone. Let’s acknowledge those who don’t know that they are loved by others. Let’s show people who are feeling down, that they have a whole city here to lift them up.

Valentines day is an open opportunity. You just have to take that opportunity and run with it!

You have the power to spread the love…so dont hog it!

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President of Faces in Between. I am a person who believes in the power of love, community and action. Much of our organization’s success depends on these three things…we rely on the love and passion of our volunteers as well as our partners to come together as a strong force to address the issues, understand the needs and improve the lives of those around us. A little bit goes a long way and all it takes is collective compassion that is put into action to make a change.

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