//“Just ten more minutes”

“Just ten more minutes”

“Just ten more minutes.”

Authored by Edward Larkins

Morning after morning we beg our alarm clock and the gods of sleep for just a little bit more time in bed. Just a little more time to sleep before starting the daily grind. Our lack of sleep, our inability to catch a proper amount of z’s has seen the center for disease control and prevention label sleep deprivation as an epidemic.

Now imagine if you were homeless. Imagine if you were beleaguered physically, emotionally and mentally. You would need sleep more than ever. Yet you would find that now more than ever sleep would be elusive. But sadly too many homeless find sleep elusive. Their health, both mental and physical, is suffering because of it.

To give you an example of how serious sleep deprivation is Catherine Siskron writes that it’s a common form of torture, and also used to break criminal suspects.

In an article from ABC News a homeless man says with the lack of sleep “you become like a warrior. You’re trying to survive each day, when really you should be focusing on the dream, not trying to work out where you’re sleeping.

Safety or lack thereof is a major contribution to sleep deprivation in the homeless community.  Another man in the ABC article says he “can never fully relax.” Not after the thievery of his backpack, ID, and phone. It’s the insecurity of homelessness that leads to sleep deprivation. Many homeless people are forced to look out for themselves and their belonging at all times. This wreaks havoc on their sleep and thus wreaks havoc on their health.

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President of Faces in Between. I am a person who believes in the power of love, community and action. Much of our organization’s success depends on these three things…we rely on the love and passion of our volunteers as well as our partners to come together as a strong force to address the issues, understand the needs and improve the lives of those around us. A little bit goes a long way and all it takes is collective compassion that is put into action to make a change.

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